MOT testing


MOT testing is a complete periodic checkup to verify the basic requirements of circulation as according to current traffic laws and depending on vehicle type as according to the vehicle registration certificate. It has an expiry date of 4 years after vehicle registration and, after the first renewal, an expiry of 2 years.

StevService  performs MOT testing service which includes a complete checkup of:

  • Braking Devices (service and secondary brake, parking brake, disc and pad brakes wear)
  • Steering wheel checkup (mechanical condition, system fastening, linkage and articulation, power steering or hydraulic steering and pads)
  • Crystals integrity and visibility
  • Axis, wheels, tires and suspensions (Axis, arms, wheels, springs, suspensions and tires)
  • Electrical systems (dipped and main beam headlights, braking and position lights, fog lamps, direction indicator lamps, license plate lights, reverse gear lights, general dashboard indicators checkup)
  • Equipment (acoustic signal, emergency equipment, towing hook, LPG or methane system checkup, doors and locks)
  • Damage assessment (engine compartment, lubrication, transmission and cooling systems, leaks, catalytic converters, emissions and exhaust smokes)

To perform your MOT testing at StevService you don’t need to make a reservation but you must bring the following documents with you:

  • Your Vehicle Registration Certificate.

MOT testing


MOT testing for motorbikes or scooters is subject to the very same deadlines and norms of MOT testing for automobiles. The first revision has to be made 4 years after vehicle registration and all subsequent testing after 2 years.

The procedure for motorbike MOT testing is the same procedure conducted on automobiles, except for the specific inspections on engine and emissions.

StevService is also an authorized garage for motorbike and scooter MOT testing, you just have to reach our premises and bring the following documents with you:

  • Your Vehicle Registration Certificate

MOT testing

RV and Caravan

MOT testing for Recreational Vehicles and Caravan follow the same rules that apply for Automobiles. The first revision has to be made 4 years after vehicle registration and all subsequent testing after 2 years.

Mot Testing will check:

  • Exhaust gas checkup
  • Braking efficiency checkup
  • Noise level checkup
  • Tires condition checkup
  • Crystals and chassis condition checkup
  • Lights and Headlights checkup
  • Overall mechanical Checkup (steering wheel, suspensions and other)

StevService carries out RV and Caravan MOT testing at any time, contact us for more information.

MOT testing

Heavy Vehicles

All heavy vehicles with a GVM exceeding 3,5 tons must undergo a yearly MOT testing. During testing, aside from StevService staff, a DMV officer will be present to supervise the whole procedure.

StevServise conducts MOT testing for Heavy Vehicles like:

  • Lorries
  • Road Tractors
  • Semi-trailers
  • Trailers
  • Buses

For all information, mandatory documents and for the necessary procedures for Heavy Vehicle MOT testing, contact us at StevService, our operator will clear any doubt you may have and will answer to all your questions.

Repair Garage

StevService offers an integrated and professional garage repair service: our specialized technicians are constantly up to date on the latest electronics and mechanical innovations, all to offer you the best service and quality.

StevService is an official repair shop for:

  • FIAT Professional
  • Bosch
  • Alfa Romeo

At our repair garage you can have:

  • Mechanical assistance, electronics assistance and tires assistance.
  • Checkup and official warranty identification by the manufacturer

For any garage service offered by StevService, you don’t need to make any reservation or take any documents with you.

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